Thin and beautiful what every TV wants to be — the new Samsung QN800A

The new Samsung QN800A is a masterpiece of technology and really brings the concept of a TV to a whole new level.

Starting with the design, this tv is slender with only a 0.7" width it is the first truly flat tv monitor I’ve ever seen. There is barely a bezel and what bezel is there is where the sound terminated from. It is such a simple yet elegant design that will look amazing in any room. Samsung has outdone itself with the design.

Samsung One Connect is a must to truely have a flat TV and versatile in most situations

The TV is able to be so thin and flat because the components, hookups, and power are all external in the One Connect which attaches with a single very thin wire. It’s an engineering marvel and quite an accomplishment to send all the signals and power through a wire that is not even a 1/4" in circumference! This feature alone makes the TV worth purchasing as it allows the Samsung QN800A to hang on a wall and all your devices can be in a cabinet with just a single wire to the TV. This is perfect for those of us that want to keep everything neat and hide away all the clutter and mess of wires.

Once you turn on the TV you will notice the picture quality and brightness, everything is sharp and vibrant and what you would expect from 8K. I didn’t have any 8K content to test but it seems to upscale the content very well and 4K content looks mesmerizing.

The TV remote is small and simple to use with an interface that is intuitive to use and works well. I really liked the Samsung TV Plus which provides a bunch of live TV channels and is the answer for the cord-cutters out there. The content is great and I feel like it’s a perfect replacement to cable or satellite programming and the future.. It even comes with a Guide so you can pick and choose what you want to watch easily. The Multiview feature is really interesting, you can watch multiple programs at a time and switch which audio you listen to while watching multiple shows. It will make Football season even better. Also with the Smart Things integration, all my other Samsung devices like the Powerbot vacuum and washer and dryer show up and are available, it is the hub for a truly smart home!

Samsung has done an amazing job and at the top of their game. This is the best TV I’ve ever experienced and the features technology, and style just can’t be beaten.

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