My Year in Review

As I usher out 2018 and usher in 2019 I just like to write about all the highlights of the previous year for posterities sake. It went by fast and with so much happening it’s sometimes hard to remember everything. I’d really like to better capture everything in numbers next year, maybe that will be my new year resolution. This year it all started with the number 40.


We have now been in Texas for 2 years and it’s gone by so fast. We’ve added:

  • 1 Livestock Guardian Dog
  • 2 Sheep
  • 3 Pigs
  • 5 Turkeys
  • 1 Big Reeeed Tractor
  • 1 Dodge 1500

We’ve built or created all of the following on the farm or in the house:

  • 1 behind the couch bar table
  • 1 Turkey Run
  • 1 Pigpen and house
  • 1 Lamb palapa
  • A vegetable garden
  • AC and water filter covers
  • 1 drop box
  • A 25-foot flag pole
  • 600 linear feet of electric fence
  • 800 linear feet of new fence
  • Remodeled the Laundry Room
  • Added and created 4 lights
  • 1 big house fan
  • 1 Hill Country Sing porch swing

I’ve been slacking with the blog posts this year only getting 4 written, but it was better than the zero in 2017. This was mainly due to our big move and settling in which you can read all about. The others were reviews of the Samsung POWERbot R7040 and Samsung Flex Dry.

I posted 183 photos on Instagram out of the 3,050 photos I’ve taken throughout 2018. I was able to go to 2 Rodeos which were pretty fun and stayed in Texas just visiting local cities.

I didn’t get much exercising in but from what I did track I took 1,729,735 steps for the year. I slept 2,372 hours or 98.83 days out of the year.


Well, it was also a busy year professionally. I’m still not a full-time farmer but getting closer. I was at RealSavvy for 2 years and I decided it was time to move on. The exciting news is that I started my own company which I can’t wait to share with everyone once the time is right. This year will have a lot of new changes and challenges getting back to being an entrepreneur.

As usual, I plan to blog more, become a lot more organized and build a few more things in 2019. I’m excited to get back to a lot more tangible stuff and I can’t wait to share it all.

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Tech entrepreneur by day Movie, TV Show, Book, device and Food reviewer by night. Living on a farm in Driftwood, TX.

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