My new Everyday Carry Backpack, First Tactical 1 Day +

Everyday Carry (EDC) is a thing. Imagine my surprise when I learned that there are many communities around this subject matter. Here I thought I was alone in my obsession for bags and carrying everything I need each day.

Since cycling into work a lot less I’ve been in the need of something to use as my every day carry bag that isn’t a Thule Pannier. Don’t get me wrong I love my pannier bags but they aren’t practical for walking around, holding two bags can be pretty tiresome. Just using the one bag doesn’t provide enough space for all I want to carry. I needed something that I could put my everyday and emergency essentials in.

As usual, I did a bunch of research to find a bag which met my specifications. I needed a bag which I could use for my laptop, power cord, headphones, notebook, keys, and pens. Then it needed to be able to accommodate emergency items for travel or when out and about for a full day like a raincoat, lifestraw, knife, water bottle, safety light, fire starter, flashlight, and room for a day or three of clothes. I also wanted expandability for future use and something that was high quality and the budget was open. Not much to ask for right?

Well after a lot of research through various sites I had narrowed everything down to 4 potential contenders.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack EDC

First Tactical 1 Day Plus Backpack

Tru-Spec Tour of Duty Gunny Backpack

5.11 Tactical Rush 24

Each had their pros and cons based upon all my research, I ended up with the bag which wasn’t the most expensive, very high quality, and had all the expandability. In my research, the First Tactical bag seemed to have read through all the negative Amazon and website reviews or taken customer feedback to produce their bag. It seemed to have every feature that I wanted and fixed those that other didn’t like about some of the other bags. Also, you figure if they are making something for police, firefighters, and EMTS it has to be rugged. So, I took the plunge and decided to take advantage of their August sale!

The First Tactical Unboxing

Here is what you can expect if your order this bag.

The package arrives, nice branded tape.
Free shipping and Free Returns! Also a nice welcome letter from the team.
A catalog of all the good plus everything is wrapped in nicely branded plastic bags.
Free Blueline patch and my Pack It rain jacket.
Another freebie, a water bottle pouch!
The bag, ready to roll.

My first impression is that I made the right choice. This bag, from the packaging to the freebies is nothing but top quality. First Tactical is a newer little-known company but the team comes from the experience and background of 5.11. I highly recommend you check them out.

My first test of this bag will be my 5 day trip to Austin, TX. I will be posting about it as well as break down the bag and it’s compartments in detail soon.

UPDATE: I owe an in depth log of my travel with the bag but have been held up with a move to Austin! More to come on that.

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Tech entrepreneur by day Movie, TV Show, Book, device and Food reviewer by night. Living on a farm in Driftwood, TX.

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Chris Corriveau

Tech entrepreneur by day Movie, TV Show, Book, device and Food reviewer by night. Living on a farm in Driftwood, TX.