How flexible is the Samsung FlexDry

The Samsung FlexDry DVE60M9900

I never thought that drying clothes could be fun and interesting until I received the Samsung FlexDry! It takes doing the laundry to a whole nother level. We live on a small farm with donkeys, goats, chickens, sheep, and three dogs so we’re always doing loads of laundry from dirty overalls, sheets, and general clothes. We’ve had a 5-year-old dryer that was lousy. It would drive us crazy as clothes would hardly come out dry and you had to cycle them multiple times, it was such a waste of time and money. So, of course, I was really excited to get the Samsung FlexDry and experience it first hand to see if it could save us time and money.

First things first, this is two dryers in one. So it is a BIG dryer, much bigger than my conventional dryer. You can see it pictured next to our standard washer where it is similar width and depth but the height is about 8+ inches taller. The extra height is to pack in the additional dryer on top, more on that later. The Samsung FlexDry looks pretty sleek and modern, love the gunmetal gray color which is better than the standard white in my opinion. It has so many great drying options for both top and bottom dryers as well as Smart Control wifi capability, more on that later.

Installation was simple and almost as easy as swapping out my old dryer. This is with the exception of attaching a water source. Wait, this is a dryer why would you need a water source? Well, this has some cool steam drying technology to keep things wrinkle free so you just use the included hose splitter and connect it up to the washing machine hose outlet. Samsung has thought of it all and included everything you need to get going.

Take those wet washed clothes, bedding, and towels throw them into the bottom dryer. Power it up and using the very intuitive controls press what your drying and make any adjustments according to how damp or how much is in the dryer and you’re off and running, it’s that easy. My favorite four items of the FlexDry are the Steam Sanitize, Wrinkle Away functions and the Wrinkle Prevent and Anti Static options. They work really well and something that I tend to use when drying my button down shirts. On the farm, we wash a lot of jeans and towels and those can tend to hold a lot of water which our old dryer had a really tough time handling but the Samsung FlexDry takes the challenge and delivers dry jeans and towels in less of the time! Just this alone makes us a happier, saner and proves the Samsung’s worth.

I love my gadgets you could say I’m a technology nerd, our whole is becoming a lot smarter from our lights, doors, and sound. Recently we added a Samsung POWERbot to the home to keep things vacuum clean. The POWERbot can be controlled through your mobile phone using the SmartThings app. The FlexDry is also smart and can be connected to the same SmartThings mobile app so I can keep an eye on the dryer and even control the dryer right from the phone. It’s pretty fun to punch up the dryer settings and turn it on from the phone. One interesting concept the SmartThings app has are Laundry Recipes which is a way to learn what the best drying cycle combination will work best. I’m sure we’ve all been there, you have a special event coming up and you are running late but you need that one special item dried. The other smart drying tech the app has is the Laundry Planner which allows you to plan when you want the laundry to finish by!

The top dryer is pretty interesting. For those that have delicate items like sweaters and blouses, it works great for an item or two. It allows you to dry just the delicate item away from the rest of the laundry as to not get it tangled up or stretched while you can independently dry a full load. The bad part of this it makes me want the FlexWash so I don’t have to do a whole load in my old washer.

Overall this is a really awesome dryer that has been able to handle all the clothes, towels, and items that our busy little farm can throw at it. It was way better than our previous dryer and it packs in a lot of great technology that will serve us for a long while. I highly recommend the Samsung FlexDry! Now we’ve got to get the FlexWash to compliment this great dryer.

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Tech entrepreneur by day Movie, TV Show, Book, device and Food reviewer by night. Living on a farm in Driftwood, TX.

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Chris Corriveau

Tech entrepreneur by day Movie, TV Show, Book, device and Food reviewer by night. Living on a farm in Driftwood, TX.