• Brina Bujkovsky

    Brina Bujkovsky

    Mom of two, startup co-founder, business owner and artist.

  • Doug Taylor

    Doug Taylor

  • Phil Pearlman

    Phil Pearlman

    Marketing Director, Bank of the Ozarks

  • Cambria Kline

    Cambria Kline

    product manager @etsy

  • Bill Richardson

    Bill Richardson

    Startups, music, sports, writing, BD/mktg/sales. http://Noodle.com http://TakeLessons.com, http://Weplay.com, http://Active.com, IMG. San Diego.

  • Skillpocket


    Meet experts near you. UPDATE: Curently scouting Berlin experts for our beta-launch next week.

  • ari hoffman

    ari hoffman

    I love San Diego!!! http://1MillionCups.com, http://MindTouch.com and http://GOBIEh2o.com consume me!!! The startup community is amazing!

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