Bye San Diego, We bought a farm, the move to Texas

It’s been a long time, where have I been? Well, a little over a year ago we made a big change to our life/lifestyle and moved from sunny San Diego, CA to unrestricted and unincorporated Driftwood, TX (just outside of Austin).

Ocean Beach, Dog Beach.
Austin, TX
  • single floor
  • 3 Beds & 2 bath
  • located in hill country
  • 5–10 acres
  • water on property
  • 30 min from the city
Driftwood Texas home of the Salt Lick BBQ
Our property
Me and one of our first baby goats



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Chris Corriveau

Tech entrepreneur by day Movie, TV Show, Book, device and Food reviewer by night. Living on a farm in Driftwood, TX.